early punk images and records at spin records petaluma

Punk Rock Series at Spin Records Petaluma

Get some early Punk images and vinyl from Spin Records Petaluma (Day On the Dirt-Flipper, T.O.D. Trash on Delivery, Black Flag, The Tools, Crime, and more.)

Images are from “The Distressed Photo Portrait Collection That Survived The Petaluma Floods of 1998”. Photos are of “The 1981 Eastern Front Punk Concert, DAY ON THE DIRT – BERKELEY MARINA”, Presented by Vincent Anton Stornaiuolo.

Early Punk Images

punk rock at spin records petaluma
From the Punk Rock series on display at Spin Records Petaluma.
From the punk images collection at Spin Records Petaluma
Day on the Dirt. SF Punk rock. 1981.
Jennifer Miro, of the Nuns and Olga de Volga, of The Lewd

Early Punk Vinyl

Trash On Delivery
Flipper Generic Album

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