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Vintage Farfisa Combo Compact Organ (1967) at Spin Records Petaluma

Vintage farfisa combo compact 1967 at Spin records petaluma

Visit Spin Records Petaluma and try out this 1967 compact organ and while you are here, take a look at some of the other used instruments and browse our vinyl collections.

This Farfisa includes travel cover. Great for working musicians, the Farfisa was introduced in the late Sixties and made a splash on the scene immediately. Boasting loud colors, a rough sound, and a priced for the touring musician, The Compact Combo quickly became one of the prominent combo organs of the late Sixties. The biggest reason why this organ sounded so different from the other organs of its day was from the Multi-Tone Booster. The Farfisa Multi-Tone Booster gave the organs a rougher, dirtier sound, what many called the Farfisa bite.

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