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Searching for Records in Petaluma?

You never know what you might stumble upon at this music shop. Visit and check out the latest collection of good instruments and hard to find records in Petaluma.

Spin Records Petaluma
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What follows is a list of some of the records that we have had in stock over the past year.

This will give you an idea of the stuff that we like to stock. We might still have some of this stuff or we might have somethings that are just as good or maybe even better.

Great collections of Blues records

records in petaluma blues vinyl

We had four  records from the Blues Masters series: Sunnyland Slim, Mississippi Joe Calicott, Bukka White and Johny Shines. This series was a rare find. We recently had one of the first pressings of Muddy Waters Live at newport. More recent arrivals in vinyl are Sun Ra, “Space is the place”, Art Ensemble of Chicago, “Les Stances A Sophie” and the Roy Haynes Quartet, “Out of the afternoon”.

We also had a collection of Cool psych meditation records from Master Wilburn Burchette. Below is a bit about him that I found on the web and a link if you wanna know more.

“Wilburn was a largely self-taught guitarist and self-taught mystic, whose fascination with the occult began around the age of twelve. He calls his music “Impro,” seeking to play not music but emotions, harkening back to a pre-verbal age. In Burchette’s construction, language is somewhat mundane as compared to the communicative capabilities of music.” learn more

Visit Spin Records in Petaluma today. Maybe you will find that record you have been looking for or even something better.

In addition to great records we sell musical instruments and also give lessons at the shop.

You can learn more about lessons at Petaluma Music.

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