Musical instruments in petaluma

Musical Instruments Petaluma

Check Spin Records first for vintage musical instruments in Petaluma. Just in; this very nice sounding vintage Music Man 2-10 HD amp. It might not have the brand recognition of vintage fender amps but the Music Man amp was designed by Leo fender and has been the go to amp for many greats over the years (Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Perry, to name a few.). It is smaller in size than a fender twin but is just as powerful. The reverb on the Music Man HD amp is very good.  The amp also has a very lush tremolo. The amp has a very focused clean sound, similar to the Fender twin.These are amazing vintage combos–highly portable and powerful enough for any gig. Stop by if you are looking for great used musical instruments in Petaluma.

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