pschedelic rock at spin records petaluma

Psychedelics at Spin Records Petaluma

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Check out the Psycedelic Rock at Spin Records Petaluma. Just in: 13th Floor Elevators Live, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Orange Colored Sky.

Excerpt from Pitchfork on The Psycedelic Sounds of 13th Floor Elevators:

The 13th Floor Elevators were a remarkable band: Erickson's wild-man vocals create an atmosphere where unfettered mayhem reigns. Stacy Sutherland's piercing guitar puts a dark mood on "Roller Coaster" and "Reverberation (Doubt)", while drummer John Ike Walton ties it all together. It's a dynamic that's even more pronounced on the eight live tracks on this UK reissue, which were recorded in San Francisco following the album's release. Their covers of Solomon Burke's "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", the Beatles' "The Word", and even their take on that '60s live staple "Gloria", are anything but placid drugs trips or by-the-numbers re-creation; instead, the songs get the full psychedelic treatment as the Elevators play them like they're handling snakes.

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