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Howlin Wolf, More Real Folk Blues

This is a Howlin' Wolf compilation album released by Chess Records in 1967.  It includes songs that were recorded in Memphis and Chicago between 1953 and 1956. In a review for AllMusic, critic Cub Koda wrote:
 "This companion volume to the Real Folk Blues album was issued in 1967 and couldn't be more dissimilar in content to the first one if you had planned it that way. Whereas the previous volume highlighted middle-period Wolf, this one goes all the way back to his earliest Chess sessions, many of which sound like leftover Memphis side".

Muddy Waters, Brass and the Blues

Excerpt from
This was only Muddy's third original LP following his tribute album to Big Bill Broonzy and the Folk Singer album – like them, it was a concept album, but with a difference. Those earlier albums had been built around Waters simply returning to sounds and influences out of his past, but for Brass and the Blues the label tried to give him a new sound, somewhere close to that of B.B. King (who was selling a lot of records at the time).Stripped of his guitar (the cover photo notwithstanding), Waters proved what a great R&B singer he was – there are moments on this album where he almost crosses over into Otis Redding territory

Lightnin' Hopkins, The Best Of Lightnin' Hopkins

This album contains seven Hopkins originals and one traditional blues that were all previously released on the Prestige label. All tracks have Hopkins backed with Bass, Drums, Piano and Harmonica.
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