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Spin Records Petaluma is open and they have tons of great records in the shop right now. Follow Spin Records Petaluma on Instagram to see some of the new arrivals in the record bins. Spin Records Petaluma buys and sells Vinyl. Call Kirk to make an appointment,707.364.1709.  ...

Madlib used hip hop record


Excerpt from Pitchfork Listening to Madlib's music, I'm reminded of the Black radical maestros responsible for some of the outermost-limits music-making of the past half-century: Sun Ra, George Clinton, Lee "Scratch" Perry-- it's an elite club, but by no means an exclusive one. What sets these artists apart from their contemporaries and/or imitators is...

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Blues Classics at Spin Records Petaluma

Spin Records Petaluma Always Has The Blues

Howlin Wolf, More Real Folk Blues This is a Howlin' Wolf compilation album released by Chess Records in 1967.  It includes songs that were recorded in Memphis and Chicago between 1953 and 1956. In a review for AllMusic, critic Cub Koda wrote:  "This companion volume to the Real Folk Blues album was issued in 1967 and couldn't...

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pschedelic rock at spin records petaluma

Psychedelics at Spin Records Petaluma

Check out the Psycedelic Rock at Spin Records Petaluma. Just in: 13th Floor Elevators Live, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Orange Colored Sky. Excerpt from Pitchfork on The Psycedelic Sounds of 13th Floor Elevators: The 13th Floor Elevators were a remarkable band: Erickson's wild-man vocals create an atmosphere where unfettered mayhem reigns. Stacy Sutherland's piercing...

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Blues Records at Spin Records Petaluma

Tom Shaw

Excerpt from Wiki: Shaw was born in Brenham, Texas, United States. He was taught to play both the harmonica and guitar by his relatives, and based his style on his collaborations with Blind Lemon Jefferson, J. T. Smith and Ramblin' Thomas. After spending time as an itinerant musician in Texas, in 1934 he relocated to California. He continued to perform and...

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Twinkle Brothers Love used record petaluma ca

Twinkle Brothers-Love

Released in 1978: Track List: Free Africa Solid As The Rock Watch The Hypocrites Jahovah Keep On Trying Love I Love You So Distant Drums In This Time Dread In The Ghetto...

Detention used record at spin records petaluma


Excerpt from New Jersey, USA based punk band that existed in the early to mid-1980s. Detention achieved notoriety with their minor underground radio hit, "Dead Rock 'N Rollers", released in 1983 and now heavily bootlegged....

black sabbath at spin records petaluma

Black Sabbath, Master of Reality

Excerpt from “On the first album, we had two days to do everything, and not much more time for Paranoid. But now we could take our time, and try out different things. We all embraced the opportunity: Tony threw in classical guitar parts, Geezer’s bass was virtually doubled in power, I went for...

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