Detention used record at spin records petaluma


Excerpt from New Jersey, USA based punk band that existed in the early to mid-1980s. Detention achieved notoriety with their minor underground radio hit, "Dead Rock 'N Rollers", released in 1983 and now heavily bootlegged....

black sabbath at spin records petaluma

Black Sabbath, Master of Reality

Excerpt from “On the first album, we had two days to do everything, and not much more time for Paranoid. But now we could take our time, and try out different things. We all embraced the opportunity: Tony threw in classical guitar parts, Geezer’s bass was virtually doubled in power, I went for...

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used blues record by homesick james at spin records petaluma

Homesick James: Aint Sick No More

"Homesick James was a Chicago Blues artist known for his mastery of slide guitar. He was a longtime member of Elmore James' band, the Broom Dusters, backing Elmore from 1955 to 1963, contributing to such classics as Dust My Broom, The Sky is Crying, and Roll and Tumble. Little is known about his early...

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second hand charles mingus lp black saint

Mingus Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

Excerpt By Ian Ridsdale from "Noted as one of the first jazz albums to use overdubbing, a studio technique that allows for multiple different tracks to be played at once, this album pushes the boundaries of the sound of jazz. Included on the sleeve of the record is a detailed description of the...

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Donaldson used vinyl

Lou Donaldson

Excerpt by Germein Linares from "Lou Donaldson's Say It Loud! is finally on CD. Recorded for Blue Note in '69, this is one of several late-'60s albums by the legendary alto saxophonist that tend to get little respect. That's too bad, really. Apart from sporting a very capable band in trumpeter Blue Mitchell, guitarist Jimmy...

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Mingus used vinyl spin records petaluma

Mingus Plays Piano

Excerpt from "Mingus Plays Piano is one of the most beautiful recordings, period. It is on its own terms perhaps a more personal statement than even the masterpiece The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. While indulging in absolutely none of the ear-straining superficial ugliness of much of the “new jazz” music of...

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records sonoma county

Kannibal Komix

Band name used for non-German issues of the 1968 album "Kannibal Komix" by Die Anderen. Excerpt from "The anthemic Kannibal Komix song "Neurotic Reaction", produced by Moroder in these sessions, deserves to be included on a garage compilation next to classics like "Try It" by The Standells... Maybe this explains why they were...

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Tim Buckley guitarist Lee Underwood at Spin Records Petaluma

Lee Underwood dropped by for a hang at Spin Records Petaluma he happily signed several Tim Buckley records. As a lead electric guitarist living in LA, he toured and recorded with singer and songwriter Tim Buckley for seven years during the Sixties and early Seventies. He played guitar on Great Gent....

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