We sell Records, Instruments and Motorcycles in Petaluma, Ca.

Records in Petaluma

Searching for Records in Petaluma? You never know what you might stumble upon at this music shop. Visit and check out the latest collection of good instruments and hard to find records in Petaluma. Spin Records Petaluma 1060 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, Ca What follows is a list of some of the records that...

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Rare Master Wilburn Burchette LPs

Cool psych meditation from Master Wilburn Burchette we have these here at Spin Records Petaluma. Below is a bit about him that I found on the web and a link if you wanna know more. “Wilburn was a largely self-taught guitarist and self-taught mystic, whose fascination with the occult began around the age of...

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We have some great vintage Japanese guitars for sale at our shop in Petaluma, Ca

Vintage Japanese Guitars

This month we are featuring vintage Japanese guitars. Come into the store and try out one of these blues machines. They look great, play great, sound great and wont break the bank....

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